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the only thing they can do is sell another human being. this is a complex issue. we have the roots of violence within us. i see that within myself and i root them out within myself. i ask you to do that in your own lives. how are we loving our children? how are we loving our partners? how are we loving the strangest on the street. equally as important as passing the -- act which we need to do. equally important having press conferences, reading stories, going on the news. it's how you treat everyone in your day-to-day life. thank you. (applause) (applause) >> wow. thank you so much.
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that takes so much courage. to be that voice. i don't know. i know what it is to tell the story of survival. and the people who you can reach with that it's untold amounts of people. you would be surprised how many would be affected by what you have to say and i'm glad that you brought up boys. i think that they are not always thought of as victims. in trafficking or in many other things but they are. anyway, i just thank you all for coming. this was wonderful that you were here. i think to be able -- oh, one more. come here.
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>> my name is marilyn -- president of the friends of the san francisco commission on the status of women. this was awesome. thank you for inviting me. what comes to mind is a collaboration, 20 agencies and all of you here taking time off on a wor day to honor our keynote speaker. the quote that i had, what margaret meade said, a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. you all are doing that. and a half of the friends of the san francisco commission on the status of women, we are the group -- your friends that will help raise money to continue your work,
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that is why i'm here. i also wanted to say that trafficking involves exploitation in many forms. i have seen in my own community, sometimes it comes in many forms. bondage. professional women and men are in deep debt bondage because they have to pay the traffickers of those who recruit them to their jobs. there was a philippine american, the first to serve in washington state legislature; among her many accomplish things as passage of the first -- washington with the first a donation to make human trafficking illegal, and you are containing her work. she authored the joint legislative oversight committee on trade policy. human trafficking touches every corner of the globe, especially the united states, especially san is
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the second largest and fastest-growing crime in the world. 9,000,000,000 to 30 billion annually. this is something we need to be more vigilant. we need to look beneath the surface, look around us. this action, human trafficking could be happening in our neighborhood, our workplace. be vigilant. also understand what this complex issue is about because this is about slavery, modern slavery. this is about stealing the lives of young women and men. i applaud all of you for being here, and the young women who took the time to really create a phase of what human trafficking is. i love your quote.
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not be a bystander. be an outstander. (applause) i have an announcement. take the posters. to your workplace, to your home. the poster will be displayed at the department of the status of women. there are so many workshops and events during this month. please tell your friends and family. learn more about this complex issue. we have to and violence. thank you all. (applause) >> good morning everyone i am closing the event. i will say that i want to thank everyone.
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i want to highlight the poster submissions presented here. please look at the fine detail, the energy and time that the young people committed to make sure we created of the awareness of human trafficking. i want to highlight that there is a calendar of events. if any of you would like to continue to be involved i encourage you to either yourself be involved or pass out the information. today there will be a human trafficking 101 session that we encourage you to attend so we understand this issue in hybrids at seven cisco. thank you to the chief of police, the chief of probation, carmen chu, and we appreciate everyone being here including the district attorney's office for being part of this cause. thank you. (applause)
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February 10, 2013 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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